Tony’s Response: What’s important to you?

In order to understand where this all came from you have to read the About Tony page

This conversation came along near the beginning of my Journey and was one of the few useful conversations I had with another Man about it.  I’m including a partial list of What’s Important to me so that you can see where this was headed.

What’s Important to Me:
Financial Independence
Feeling fulfilled
Seeing and trying new things

You’ve probably noticed there are some vague and specific things on my list.  I made it a point not to throw out anything that came to mind.  I also wanted to leave the list open to change.  I hope this can help some of you because it was the first pivotal step in changing my life.   I was taking control of my life and my future.

After I decided What’s Important to me I spent some time deciding where I want my future to go and laying out my own rules for life.  More on that later…

Wanna join in the fun?  Check out the What’s Important To You Challenge

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