Why I wear my wedding ring

I have met tons of guys who are married but don’t wear their wedding rings.  Many of them have stories about why, including reasons due to jobs or that they are uncomfortable.

Matt's Wedding Ring

If I had a job where I could potentially lose my finger because of the ring, I would probably not wear it to work, but I would definitely put it on before I got there and when I got off work.  This is extremely important to me, because it shows everyone else that I am married and proud of it, it shows my wife that I am paying enough attention to put it on, and it is a constant for me that makes me think about my wife.

The argument against comfortability is a decent argument.  However, in reality most rings or other jewelry has a period of time in which it will be uncomfortable.  I found that most people say it is about a month, after which it will not bother you anymore.  The trick is to stick it out.  If you can’t handle something as mundane as a ring on your finger, then what does that say about how you will handle the issues of your marriage?

Conversely, the second uncomfortable argument resides with those guys whose rings truly do not fit.  In this case, for a small fee ($100?) you can go to your local shopping mall and have them resize it in less than a week. If you are like me and have a titanium-carbide ring, most of them come with agreements where you can trade it in for free and get a resized version of your exact ring because they do not tarnish, scratch, or dent.

What about those guys who just don’t like jewelry?  Your wedding ring is symbol of your love and devotion to your wife.  Having a woman who is willing to live in the same house with your stinky ass for the rest of your life is one thing, finding one that is willing to tie herself to you financially, spiritually, and in every other way is a sacrifice on her part.

Make the sacrifice for her and wear your ring.

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Article by Matt

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  1. Dave says:

    As a fan of marriage, (and in particular the spectacular one I have shared with my wife for the past eight years), I totally agree with everything you just said! True, the ring is a symbol of love, and a reminder that I committed to live a life that is about more than just serving myself. That means that life is not always easy, but at the end of the day I am rewarded by coming home to a wife that CHOOSES to bear so many more burdens because of me than I will ever have to for her. For that, I am thankful. It was worth the awkwardness I had to put up with for about a month when my finger was getting used to a ring that, now, I just cannot imagine not wearing!

  2. kendall says:

    I’ve never met guys that do this no wedding ring thing. Lame. Even my buddy who managed a machine assembly line specifically got a wedding ring that would stand getting tagged by a grinder once in awhile.
    A man who does not wear his ring is, well, afraid to be the man his wife married.

  3. Ted says:

    For me, my ring has always been an anchor in my marriage. Without going into gross, dry, flaky details, it was a real drag going a year or so without wearing it. My wedding ring is an integral part of who I am, and I am glad to know your ring is part of yours!

  4. mbernier says:

    I definitely do not feel right without it on. It’s not about whether my wife or someone else i know will see me without it. It is all about wearing it proudly and confidently because being married to Melissa brings those feelings up in me.

  5. mbernier says:

    There are legitimate reasons to not wear the ring, especially if they are ones of safety.

    However, I was in the airport a while ago and the TSA has told me specifically, “Never take it off, even for us”.

    For me it is no question whether I wear it, the only times I don’t are while sleeping or if I could lose it (snowboarding, swimming, etc).

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