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When my fiancee and I got engaged in August of 2010.  I presented her with a ring that I was happy to see her wear.  It was a symbol of my love, friendship and commitment to her.

A couple days later we began talking about getting an engagement ring for me.  My fiancee’s point was that she felt like it would be nice for me to have a symbol of her love and commitment to me.  I was a big fan of this because a few years ago I gave her a necklace that she’s been able to wear around on a regular basis.  I was always a little envious of the nice positive reminder of my feelings towards her.

Now I’m not going to say that I haven’t gotten a little good-natured ribbing from the guys about her wanting to lock me down.  But frankly, if that’s the case, I’m a little flattered!

It means she thinks I’m interesting and attractive enough to get some other attention (and who doesn’t want to think that about themselves?).  Having said that, I love wearing my ring in public because, just as I’d rather walk down the street with my fiancee than be alone, I like to walk with a symbol of her love for me rather than be without it.

Rock your rings guys and show off how much your loved :)

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