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I have to agree with Tony’s statements about how “Dreamlining” is a dumb phrase.  It is so stereotypically Disney to “wish upon a star” and hope that everything will work out.  This is great if you are a tiny animated mouse (whether Mickey or Fievel), but you are a human and reality is a bitch.  If you don’t get off your ass and actually do something then you are going to have nothing but your dreams left after all your money, friends and family are gone.

To this end, I have created my 2010 goals earlier this year on my personal blog. These are goals that I worked through based on what happened last year and what I want to happen this year.

One thing that you have to remember about your goals list is that it can be a living, breathing entity.  You set goals so that you know where you want to go and then you do everything you can to get there.  But, even looking at my goals right now, some of the things on there have already changed. This is OK. The point is to state the idea about which direction you are pointed both to yourself and to other people.  Shit happens, roads fork, opportunity falls in your lap, and shit happens again.  You have to be willing to identify and react to what happens while keeping the general theme of your goals in mind.

Tony gave a list of the general concepts that he wants to achieve and then gives the list of specific action items he is going to take to achieve his overall goals.  I think that this is a great approach and it totally fits with my theory about how you have to be willing to adjust your goals but stay pointed in the same direction.  He uses his overall goals to help him decide his specific goals and then does what he can to make them happen.

What are your overall goals? What will truly give you no choice but to be happy?  What can you do now that will change your world and point it in the direction of happiness for you?

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