The Approach: Life Edition

One of the major reasons I started on my Journey was because I wanted to see better results out of life.  I realized that many of my goals would be reached faster if I could get more results out of people in particular, and along these lines I’ve come up with some guidelines for The Approach: Life Edition

The approach is a useful tool in just about any situation where you are interested in getting something from someone else.  It doesn’t matter if you are asking a banker for a loan, a hostess for the best seat in a restaurant, or the manager at a store for a discount.  Either way, you still need to consider how you come across when you approach a situation or a person.  These are the tips I’ve come up with:

1) Start with a smile.

It doesn’t matter if you know them well of if they’re a stranger, smiles span languages and cultures and generally put a person at ease.

2) Be mindful of your phrasing.

When someone says “give me” instead of “can I have”, I’m already much less likely to want to help.  Phrasing can change the impact of a sentence to a recipient without sacrificing the content you want to convey

3) Tone is just as important as content.

We’ll have to do some examples of this in an upcoming podcast but consider different tones when phrasing a request.  i.e. Whiny, pleading, hopeful, declaratory, commanding, etc.

If you just aren’t sure – or you don’t think you have a problem with this – you should take notice of other people’s tone when they’re addressing you, and compare it to their tone when addressing another person (particularly a person who is serving them i.e. cashier, waiter or waitress, secretary).   These subtle differences can make all the difference in the world.

4) Say “Please” and “Thank You”.

I know this is dead obvious but I can’t even tell you how many well-mannered people forget this in day-to-day activities.

Above all, I try to just realize how I might come across to the other person.  If you imagine someone saying the same to you’ll be miles ahead of the average person.

The Approach will likely be a series in how we’ve developed methods for getting the best results out of others.  Are there any situations you’d like to hear our experiences with?

How do you get the best results out of other people?  Let us know in the comments below and you may get your own post out of it!

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