Response to The Approach: Life Edition – How I Approach People

The first story of an approach that I can remember was when I was in the fourth grade and walked right up to one of the sixth grade teachers and asked him for something (I cannot remember what it was anymore).  The reason I remember this is not because it was out of the ordinary for myself, but because it was out of the ordinary for kids my age to be so bold with teachers they didn’t know.  This teacher, Mr. Collins, made this very clear to me when I ended up in his class in sixth grade and he told me how surprised he was by my confidence with him.

Since then I have paid more attention when I approach people, not so much to myself but to the people I approach.  Mr. Collins made it perfectly clear that I had this locked down, whether he was joking or not, I took him seriously and ran with it ever since.

I have been known to get things for free, just by joking when something goes wrong during checkout. I have been able to get into places that I should not have ever been just because I was willing to walk right up and ask questions when no one else would even think it to be possible.  I actually got in to see the back filtration and treatment room of a huge Cabelas and helped with the fish feeding time because my wife and I were curious about their filtration system.

I have learned to ask and be willing to be turned down, because the worst thing that can happen is that you hear the word “no”.

With a little confidence, a smile, and light hearted attitude in your approach to just about any situation you will quickly realize that you will get to do more, see more, and have more fun with the things you spend your time on.

Have you ever gotten away with something on your approach alone? Got any good stories of something gained just by having a little confidence? I would love to hear your stories in the comments!

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