I was researching this post on Google and found that most of the articles and information in the top 10 results for “what are my weaknesses” relate to interview questions for a job.  This is interesting to me, because it seems that this is really the only time when people actually think or consider their weaknesses.

There are more places than just work where we men fall short: Relationships, Behavior, Reactions to situations, Money, Personal Happiness; to name a few.

I struggle with my weaknesses, but usually only notice the struggle afterwards.  One of my main weaknesses is that I am quick to react and often do not stop to watch, listen, and think before my reaction bubbles out of my big mouth.  This gets me in trouble with my wife most often, resulting in my profuse apologies and promises to shut up and think before I speak.  As well, at work with my business partner, I often get frustrated and want to spout off a comment or interject with some reactionary statement rather than think about a strategic way to answer.

What is amazing to me about my personal weaknesses are that I am aware of the existence of the ones I have identified and yet I still have them and realize when I am falling back to them.

I have found that analyzing a weakness can be very difficult, but even more difficult is the process of working it out of my life.

What is one of your weaknesses and what do you do to work on it?

Please tell us your answer in the comments!

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