Response: My Weaknesses

I’ve been doing research and writing on a topic recently that has led me to think a lot about weakness.  After quite a bit of time staring at a blank screen I came to a few realizations.

1) It has only been in the last few years that I’ve actually made an effort to even recognize my weaknesses.  I’m sure this is in large part because of our Journey, but without making an effort to catalog my weaknesses I would never have gotten anywhere in my quest to learn and turn my weaknesses into strengths (or atleast OK-nesses).

2) I’ve spent plenty of time on specific weaknesses like “I’m not any good at networking,” or “My soccer skills are pretty pathetic.”  But until a few months ago I didn’t even take notice of the overarching weakness that was affecting every area of my life.  It is my lack of follow-through.  I’m quick to begin projects and dive into them but I have a hard time following through and seeing the projects to their end (or atleast to some result).

Join in the Journey guys, leave a note in the comments of what your weaknesses are.

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Article by Tony

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  1. I don’t actually believe we have any weaknesses…there are just some things we aren’t strong in. Oh well, by staying with your strengths it’s amazing how things we think we are weak in don’t really seem to matter at all.

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