About the Journey

The Purpose of the Journey:

Empower men to build confidence through experiences, challenges, skills and personal stories of improvement.  To provide a place for camaraderie and frank discussion.
To that end:
Tony and Matt will write and share personal stories, insights and information about their lives as well as share the same things from others.
We will challenge ourselves and our readers to consistently improve life skills and bring back stories of improvement to help other men do the same.

The journey to becoming a better man, or a better person,  is a tough one. It is something that Tony and Matt have been talking about with each other for years without really putting words to what they were talking about.  There are so many ways that people consider improvements on themselves. Losing weight, getting rich, or even getting religious to name a few.

There is one thing that so many people forget, which is that starting with your outlook on the world and the things going on inside yourself will improve the world around you.

Matt and Tony write about their thoughts, ideas, and life challenges in order to show you what they are doing to make their own lives better.  They look at the reality of situations and how we all completely screw up the notions of respect and responsibility.

You can’t have a journey if you don’t know where you are going or where you have been.  The whole point of the journey is to learn, enjoy and improve.  This is not a vacation, this is not a job, this is a “walk about”.  Get off your ass, take control, take in the world around you and learn from it.  Stop letting the world push you around and stop letting other people define the path and goals for your own life.

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