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Tony is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur at heart. He's been actively studying, cataloging and working towards becoming a better man since 2009.
Website: http://tonyonbusiness.com
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Response: My Weaknesses

I’ve been doing research and writing on a topic recently that has led me to think a lot about weakness.  After quite a bit of time staring at a blank screen I came to a few realizations. 1) It has only been in the last few years that I’ve actually made an effort to even […]


The Approach: Life Edition

One of the major reasons I started on my Journey was because I wanted to see better results out of life.  I realized that many of my goals would be reached faster if I could get more results out of people in particular, and along these lines I’ve come up with some guidelines for The […]


Avoiding Insanity

The Definition of Insanity: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein. Matt and I have been appreciating this quote due to it’s boldness in expressing just how detrimental mediocre thinking can be. In college I spent a lot of time considering how […]


Planning your Future

In our first round of posts Matt and I talked about What’s Important to You.  In that discussion we briefly mentioned our Values or our Guiding Principles. Having decided what’s Important to Me I began taking steps to set my priorities straight and put myself on a path that would allow me to pursue my […]


Challenge: Planning your Future

Now it’s time to get into action! What do you want to Accomplish? Think of the times you’ve felt most comfortable, most you and most DRIVEN. Pull out your list of things that are Important to You and take it one step further into Accomplishments you’ll be driven and excited to achieve as you work […]


Tony’s Engagement Ring

When my fiancee and I got engaged in August of 2010.  I presented her with a ring that I was happy to see her wear.  It was a symbol of my love, friendship and commitment to her. A couple days later we began talking about getting an engagement ring for me.  My fiancee’s point was […]


Tony’s Response: That’s Totally Gay

I can’t imagine what life would be like if the people around me continually insulted something that was a part of my life.  One of the things I completely love is Soccer.  I just try to imagine what my day would be like if everyone I talked to said “That’s so Soccer!” each time they […]


Tony’s Response: What’s important to you?

In order to understand where this all came from you have to read the About Tony page This conversation came along near the beginning of my Journey and was one of the few useful conversations I had with another Man about it.  I’m including a partial list of What’s Important to me so that you […]


Lucky you

You’ve stumbled upon an awesome new website from @mbernier and @tjkimberly.  We’ve been working towards the same goals unofficially for a long time now and we recently decided to get together and put some of our exciting experiences and tricks in one place so that you may use them in your own life.  If you’re […]


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