Challenge: Planning your Future

Now it’s time to get into action! What do you want to Accomplish? Think of the times you’ve felt most comfortable, most you and most DRIVEN. Pull out your list of things that are Important to You and take it one step further into Accomplishments you’ll be driven and excited to achieve as you work […]

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Tony’s Response: What’s important to you?

In order to understand where this all came from you have to read the About Tony page This conversation came along near the beginning of my Journey and was one of the few useful conversations I had with another Man about it.  I’m including a partial list of What’s Important to me so that you […]

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Challenge: What’s Important To You?

This challenge is as simple as its title and as difficult as realizing where you really want your journey to end up. Answer the following: What is important to you? OR What do you want out of your life? Bonus if you can use more than just a couple catch-phrase words to describe what you […]

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