What makes someone a “good person”?

I asked this question on Twitter this morning, these are the results: JustaSunGod: @mbernier be decent to others #journeytoabetterman TerryLott: @mbernier Re: #journeytoabetterman Let’s work on this! tcabeen: @mbernier Caring. REALLY caring. Because when you really care, you can’t help but act like it. RedheadWriting: The smile you see when you can no longer see […]


Response to The Approach: Life Edition – How I Approach People

The first story of an approach that I can remember was when I was in the fourth grade and walked right up to one of the sixth grade teachers and asked him for something (I cannot remember what it was anymore).  The reason I remember this is not because it was out of the ordinary […]


The Approach: Life Edition

One of the major reasons I started on my Journey was because I wanted to see better results out of life.  I realized that many of my goals would be reached faster if I could get more results out of people in particular, and along these lines I’ve come up with some guidelines for The […]


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